Sunday, March 22, 2009

I guess I am getting over the sandbox.

Sasha here.

I am slowly getting over the death of my precious sandbox. I have been pouting a lot the last few days so I think the humans got the hint that I was not a happy camper.

Well, not much going on here. Mommy has been busy with etsy sales and selling things on ebay. So I will probably get a car ride to the post office tomorrow. She is also trying to arrange a play date with my red wagon wiener dog friends. I can't wait to tell them all about the loss of my sandbox.

Oh, and Mommy thinks she might be coming down with a cold, but you know you can't really tell with humans. There noses aren't usually cold and wet. I will snuggle with her to make her get better soon if she does get one.

Mommy put a new item in the store the other day. It was that special one that I talked about a few weeks ago that Tony from woodnwonders made for mommy. They are these little wooden doxie clips that look like a red wiener dog out for a walk. Mommy attached the wooden doxies that Tony made to these clips that use to have plastic toys attached. Grandma used the toys for a birthday cake that she made, and the clips were left over. You know mommy. She doesn't like to waste stuff so the idea of creating doxie clips came into her mind. Thus, these cute little clips were born.

Well, got to head out. Mommy might need some snuggling.


chloejessica said...

The wooden doxie is cute. :)

Anonymous said...

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