Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dachshund Team has a new member wandaoconnor!

Hi all,

Your furry friend Sasha here. I am pleased to announce that the team has a new member. Wandaoconnor has joined our fast growing dachshund team. Woohoo!. She does a variety of crafts, but her doggy art is really neat. She has a a dachshund named Spencer and loves him so much that a good amount of her art features him. Well, if you all can take a peak at her shop and give her art a few pets it would be greatly appreciated.

Not much going on here. No word on the job hunt for mommy, but sales have picked up a bit in our etsy store so maybe the economy is coming around.

I entertained myself today watching the police car out front pull over speeders most of the morning. It was pretty exciting. It was like watching an episode of speeders right out the front of my house. Mommy said someone must have complained about people speeding through our neighborhood with the kids and people that go walking, biking, and such all the time. I counted 5 pull overs in one mornings work so maybe the streets will be a little safer for when Mommy and I go back to our walking when the spring weather gets here.

I heard spring is officially on its way, but not sure I am up for the pouring rain potty trips again. At least with the snow, your fur doesn't get totally soaked. But, I am so looking forward to worm hunting, bunny chasing, and rolling in grass again.

Grandma and Grandpa had a guy come look at leveling out the yard for the new shed that they are having built to replace the one that caved in this winter. The guy had a wiener dog just like me. Well his was a little red girl, but I could smell her on him for sure. He gave me lots of pets and let me give him kisses. Mommy gave him a wiener shaped business card for out etsy store. Good thinking mommy. I always forget when I am getting lots of good loving.

Well take care all, have a good St. Patty's day.

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chloejessica said...

Happy St Pattys to you! And Sasha looks to cute in her green shirt!!