Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mommy Treasury champ and a trip to PO.

Hi all,

You furry friend Sasha here as always. Mommy is the treasury champ. She had one made and ready to go, but then she realized both treasury main and treasury west were opening within a few minutes of each other. Somehow mommy managed to nab both in just a few minutes time and got them up and ready for viewing at the same time. I just don't have the quick paws like mommy I guess. The first one we created in honor of those hard working barkers (um chatters in human words) in the chat rooms all the time. This is the main treasury one called Fun In Chat. It is items from some of the chat regulars that chat with mommy a lot. The second one Mommy let me have a say on since we had to make it arfully quick. I call it Raining Cats and Dogs because the weather has been so wet lately. So it proves us wiener dogs can think fast on our paws. I hope you enjoy them.

We got to go to the post office today. We had someone bid on e-bay on some Easter baskets that mommy had and wasn't using anymore. So I got a car ride. It was pretty exciting cause we went right when a human pups school was letting out so lots of stopping and going and looking at the human pups walking home. Then, we got to the post office and the guy at the post office gave mommy a free roll of tape for when she ships priority packages. I got to guard the tape on the way home. I was so proud of my guard dog responsibilities. I almost didn't even notice the rollerbladers crossing the street when Mommy slammed on the brakes. Lesson for today, tape protection can be a very dangerous job for a doxie. Mommy made sure I was OK and the boys were a safe distance away, before continuing on, but I think she was pretty upset that she could have hit them. We were almost home, and there was the big huge neighborhood orange cat that likes to tease Charlie and me. It was all bent over, and then pounced at something in the field. When it came up there was something furry in its mouth. The stinky cat is a better hunter than me. Not fair!

Well, to end with tonight I have the picture of me posing at what I looked like when Mommy slammed on the brakes. Good thing I was attached to the seat. I am sure more adventures wait with future car rides. Take care all.

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