Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Dachshund Team member and my day.

Hi all,

Sasha here again. We have yet another team member joining our little etsy dachshund team. I thinks we may have to take over Etsy here soon. heehee. The shop is called Mattanda and there isn't dachshund items in there yet, but a lot of very nice jewelry. The owner of the shop has a dachshund named Alfanzo, and is addicted to us little long ones, too. Please, give her some views and welcome her to the Dachshund Team if you see her out and about.

I got to go to the post office today. Hadn't been in awhile so I was so excited when mommy had a package ready to go. I knew I was going to get to go so I waited right by my leash when she was grabbing her purse. It was such a nice ride. Lots of sun shine and mommy didn't even have to run the heater. We parked next to a van with a whole herd of Chihuahuas in the car. The lady that had the herd of chihuahuas waved at me and talked to mommy for awhile. Us dogs barked at each other and had some conversation, too. Apparently, they were on the way to a pet store to get treats and new spring outfits. I said I wished I could go, too. Then, our mommy's left.

I came back home and the sheets were all clean and warm from the dryer. So of course I had to help mommy make the big bed. You have not had so much fun as bed making time with doxie help. First, mommy puts the bottom sheet on and tucks it in. While she goes to all four corners I sneak off to the opposite one and hide under the sheet. She smooths out lumpy me, and eventually gets the bottom sheet on. Then, more hide and peek under sheets and find the squeaky hot dog toy, and the bed is made doxie style. You got to have fun with chores is my motto.

Well, better go Mommy want the computer again. Take care all until we bark again.

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chloejessica said...

Sasha mermaid is so cute!