Friday, March 13, 2009

The Movie Hollywood Chihuahua and Treasury.

Hi all,

Sasha here as usual. Still no news on mommy's job interview. We are still hoping, but like mommy said lots of people need jobs right now in this town.

We watched Hollywood Chihuahua with a could human pups mommy watches. It was an OK movie. It should have stared me and my doxie prince Oscar. Poppy was a good hero, too though. Chloe was supper spoiled like me, but I have to admit I am not that spoiled. I still have a normal collar and eat kibble and all. I liked the Chihuahua Warriors verses the mountain lions part. They have some major bark ability. But, I give it two paws up for a good dog family movie.

Mommy got a new main treasury tonight and it is space themed. It is called Out Of This World. You got to take a peek at the aliens and space ships. Totally, cool. I wonder if there is an etsy arfist who can make me a alien doggy outfit?

We got to do the happy tails butt wiggle sales dance this evening for our etsy store. No post office trip though because our post office is closed on Saturday. Mommy is going to mail it tomorrow at the grocery store. Darn, I don't get a car ride on this one. She can't keep an eye on me in the car at the grocery store like she can at the post office with the big windows and all. Really, how much trouble can one little wiener dog get into in 5 minutes time?

Off to chat for awhile. Take care all.

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