Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dachshund Team new member and my poor tail.

Hi all,

It has been an interesting day today. We got another new dachshund team member. Yip Yap Furray! Jessica does the cutest cartoon doxies, and she draws way better than my mommy. Check out her store at chloejessica. She is really new to etsy too, and her shop cold really use some views. So please give her a click or two for me please with kibble on top.

Second, Mommy got two treasuries. One in treasury west which is all about what kissing leads to. And yes, us wiener dogs are in it, too. It is called Kissing. The main treasury mommy just got after waiting all afternoon. Two hours is a lot longer than they say on etsy. It is Doxie Arfist Unleashed. And all about us. So you have to peek at that one. Must see for doxie lovers like yourself.

Third, my precious tail got stepped on by grandpa today. Those big human feet with shoes hurt so bad. I yipped and yapped and yowled. Grandpa petted me and said he was sorry, but it still hurt. The next time he went walking by I hid behind Mommy's legs and quick. So folks watch out for use little short long ones down here, please. My tail is OK now, but I am not going to forget that anytime soon.

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chloejessica said...

Thanks so much for writing about me! I'm glad to be a part of the Dachshund Team now! Chloe is like a mini Sasha. I bet they'd be good friends. :) Oh and this is my blog. I have'nt done much with it yet. I am still new to all this.
<3 Jessica (and Chloe)