Friday, February 27, 2009

Dachshund Team has another new member.

Hi all,

Your cute little furry doxie friend here as usual. Yesterday was a very busy day for us so we didn't get to write.

First, we had a new dachshund team member. Yip Yap Furray! She has a cute little mini dachshund and is addicted to doxies like my mommy. Her shop is different than others on our team because it is all about custom wedding monogrammed items. I was thinking when Mommy showed me her shop that I might have to hook up with her to help plan Oscar (my prince charming dachshund) and my wedding. We will be engaged for almost a year soon. But, enough talking about little old me. Here is her shop called NolaEventDesign. Give it a peak, she is new to etsy and still learning so her shop is small right now. But, we all know how that is just starting out.

Second, I got to go to the post office and to a play date at Frito's house. Boy, was that a blast. We got a few zoomies in. I wanted to play more, but the red wagon gang doesn't play as long as I do. They should come to my house and play with my big brother Charlie and me. We can go for 20 minutes zooming around the house.

After the play date, I got home and there was a package in the mail. We got little red wooden doxies from my Oscar's daddy. Tony runs the shop woodnwonders and sent them to mommy to make something really special for our store product line. I am not telling yet what it is, but stay tuned there will be something really special coming to our etsy shop in the next few weeks.

Then, after all that, my mommy got to baby sit a friends daughter who is 4 years old. She is very smart for a human pup, too. They were playing with these bright plastic things that looked like kibbles, but every time they dropped mommy told me to leave it. I got one and spit it out quick it wasn't kibble. Just hard little plastic things. Mommy called them beads. Well, after the bead dropping time. I got lots of pets and some bites of food from the little girl. Human pups sure do give away some really tasty food. Mommy didn't like that though. She was afraid I would get a tummy ache.

Well, I better being going for now. I wonder what lovely adventures await me today.

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niftyknits said...

rofl - we have bead dropping time in my house too, so it's lucky I don't have a canine fruiend living here!