Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dachshund Team Member Spotlight: ClayConnections

Hi all,

Sasha here. It has been a slow day in the doxie neighborhood today so I thought I would spotlight one of our team members shops today.

So put your paws together and give a little wiener dog love to ClayConnections. This store is different than others we have featured on here. She does clay miniatures and mostly food type items in her store. She has slowly gotten addicted to us little long ones like the rest of us, and is hoping someday to have a long doggy of her very own to love. She is not only a member of our Dachshund Team, but a co-captain/ leader of it, also. I will post some pictures of products for sale in her etsy store at: So be kind and give this cute and unique shop some loves.

In other news, mommy got a main treasury today. It is called doggy bags. Could use a few pets if you have time. hint hint. Take care all until we chat again. Happy tails to you.

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WeeKnit said...

Sassy - Do you like doxies? I'm not really sure. :)JK. Cute treasury.