Friday, February 20, 2009

Treasuries and doggy thoughts

Sasha here.

Not much happening lately. Mommy spent most of the day getting two treasuries. Main treasury called So Long, and it is about us long ones of course. The next one is Furry Little Monsters in Treasury West. There are dachshunds in that one, too. And some cute little monsters.

OK. Here is my thoughts for today. One why is it whenever anything goes missing they blame the dachshund? Mommy lost a sock from the dryer. You know there is a monster in the dryer that chews them up, and spits them out a few days later just so us cute little furbabies get blamed. Just because the sock was under the couch when mommy went to retrieve my ball doesn't mean that I put it there. Right? Two, why do humans get good smelling food like steak when we get same old boring kibble every day? Mommy and grandma had steak today, and it smelt so good. When I came over to investigate I got the go lay down from both of them. It is just not fair. We doggies get tired of kibble you know. Imagine having cereal without milk everyday for the rest of your lives. It is just horrible. Well, take care folks, and give those poor doggies a break every once and awhile.

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