Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wow, what else can go wrong?

Sasha here.

Sorry that I haven't written in a few days, but well we had a bit of a family emergency, and things have been crazy. My grandpa, mommy's daddy, was taken to the horspittal. The human vets said he was bleeding inside, and they fixed it, and now he is doing much better. Everyone here at home has been so stressed. You know we dogs pick up on those kind of things. So Charlie, my big brother, and I have been on our best behavior and giving lots of kisses when ever we can sneak them in. I am missing my grandpa right now, and think it is totally not fair that they won't let dogs in the horspittal. I can snuggle in his hospital bed under the covers and keep hidden. Oh, well. Mommy says he should be home soon, and I will get my belly rubs while he is putting on his shoes once again. Sorry no new pictures of me today, but I might find one of mine from last year about this time to give you your Sasha fix. Take care all.

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designsbyone said...

hope things get better soon :)

hey! i love your blog and have given you an award :) check out my blog for details