Friday, February 13, 2009

OK My mommy is a crazy crafter.

Sasha here.

I have noticed mommy crafting like crazy recently. I think it is cabin fever or something, but today I think she has gone a little too far. Her goals today were making a giant magnet out of a cd case so that you can change the pictures of cute little me on, Easter egg dachshund gift tags, and trying to make me into a hula doxie. Trust me no way was she going to get me in a grass skirt and coconut shells. Well, you will see the results in our etsy stores in the days to come. All I can say is you have been fur warned. MY MOMMY IS A CRAZY CRAFTER!


myminimocs said...

love the Butterfly!!!

Elizabeth Bergesen said...

Hi Sasha, thanks for letting me visit your blog! We are wiener fans, are from WA, AND my family dog's name is also Sasha!