Thursday, February 5, 2009

Space Buddies from a dachshund perspective.

Sasha here.

Not much new today. Given grandpa lots of tender loving doxie care in his recuperating. Mommy posted her new game in her etsy store. And I watched Space Buddies!

I give the movie two paws up for humor. The reality part of it could use a little work. The bull terrier was cute and very smart. Must be a pro canine actor. The ferret was awesome even though I had to suppress my urge to pounce on it at the screen. The, the puppies. Who doesn't love cute little puppies. The one with the gassy problems was too funny. But, I have to admit Rosebud was my favorite with her trendy fashion sense. Got to love the pink space suit at the end.

Well, posting my doxie in space photo for laughs and one of mommy's new game she made. Take care all.

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