Monday, February 16, 2009

The strange incounter called a "car wash"..

Sasha here.

Today was a very exciting day. Mommy, Grandma, and Grandpa took me for a car ride. I was so excited. I watched out the window and wagged my tail at all the people going by. Then, we made our first stop. I knew the place for sure. I was getting a pedicure. Mommy had told me I was in need of one. She is too chicken to do it herself because I have black nails and all. Well, the lady was behind the wall grooming a big black dog, and said she would be there in a minute. She asked if mommy had an appointment. Mommy said no we were just here for a nail trim. She OK, be there in a minute. She askes if I would need a muzzle and to be restrained. Can you believe that. All that just to have a pedicure. Mommy said no that I was a good girl and only gave kisses for pedicures. The lady asked what breed and Mommy told her I was a dachshund. Apparently, they didn't get dachshunds in and the ones they did were not usually well behaved. She came over and gave me a few ear scrunchies and was cutting my nails while mommy held me. I gave her a few kisses, mommy paid her, and we were on the road again. I knew we were not headed for home so I did a little excited whimper. You just never know what kind of adventures you will have on car rides. We kept driving till we got to this place where all these cars were in line. A guy came up to grandpa and asked what would it be today. Grandpa told him something and handed him money. The guy waved us into this cave like thing. It was all so interesting at first. There was a guy that was by the window so I gave him a good sniffing through the glass and wagged my tail so much I almost fell off Mommy's lap. Then, he sprayed water at the window, and I jumped back and hugged mommy. I thought for sure this was some evil tricky way of sneaking a bath on me. Then, no water hit me, and so I went back to watching the guy with the water. Then the car moved a little, and the guy disappeared. I was looking for him when a rainbow puked on the window. It was pretty colors, but scared me more than anything else. I hid my head on mommy's shoulder refusing to look. She petted me, told me it is OK, and then I was feeling brave enough to have another peek. Then, these blue hairy monsters were rubbing up against the car. It was kind of interesting to watch until the load blowing monster that kind of sounded like the sucking monster that I have to protect mommy from at home, but louder. Mommy covered my ears, and it made it a little better. Our hearing is way more sensitive than yours. After it was all over and we drove off. Mommy treated me to a bite of hamburger. It was yummy. Oh, and the car looked awfully clean. So all I can figure is humans not only are obsessed with getting themselves wet, us doggies wet, but also their cars wet, too. No someone explain to me why you have to bath a car. They don't smell bad when they are dirty. Oh, well. Off to get some Zs from my exciting outing. Oh, and no new pics of me today so I will give you an old one of me from last year. Night all.

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