Thursday, February 12, 2009

Well, the Sniffulous bill past in the USA.

Sasha here.

Not much going on. Sells are slow in our etsy shop, but I know times are ruff when the human government passes a Sniffulous Bill. Not sure what it is all about you know me being a dog and all, and mommy has her doubts on whether or not it is going to help put kibble in the bowls of hard working American families out there. But, we are all hoping for the best.

I am still wondering about the president's dog though. That was one of his first promises, and he can't break a promise like that. Anyone heard news on the future first dog?

Well, we got a treasury west and it is called Etsy ARF-ist Unleashed. Yep, more cool doggy stuff. So give some pets and looks, and who knows it might just give some lucky pup art out there a leg up on a new home.

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