Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Evil White Stuff Is Falling From The Sky!

Sasha here.

I was just beginning to think we had the end of the white stuff for this year since the birds have been rather busy lately gathering things for their nests. Then, when mommy went to the wood shed to get more wood to build us poor cold doggies a nice warm fire I followed her and it was back. It was a light sprinkle of snow every now and then, but it was still falling. Mommy calls it snizzleing. We came back in to enjoy the warmth of a new fire for most of the evening.

Then, a few minutes ago when I went to do my last business of the night. It wasn't just snizzling, but big flakes, and our nice potty path was covered with the icky white stuff again. So I did what any dachshund would do in a situation like this. Pee on the step and turn around without even venturing one little precious paw in that cold white stuff. Mommy knew I had to poo like all good mommies, but do you think I wanted to go out there in that stuff to poo. You have got to be crazy, but mean mommy made me. I was forced off the step and into that cold white stuff where I gave mommy the pathetic hound eyes, shivered, and whined. This had no effect. I got the pointed I mean business finger and the horrible words "go poo". So I sniffed and walked on three legs just to show how miserable I was. Then, found a spot to poo. But, I gave one more pleading look at mommy before I did, and I got the "Now!" look. So I pooed, and ran back up the steps as fast as my long body would let me, and to the door that Mommy had conveniently opened before I ran into it. I wasn't about to stop or I know she would make me go back in it for sure. Yes, my mommy is so mean. It is totally not fair that humans get indoor rain free and snow free potty time. No wonder they take so long to do their business.

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