Sunday, February 8, 2009

Open Season 2 best wiener dog movie of the year!

Sasha here.

I loved Open Season 2. Mr. Wienie was so cool. Four paws up on this one even if I have to roll on my back to do it. The movie was all about a wiener dog and the pets verses wild animals. All you wiener dog lovers must see it. Me and Mommy have watched it two times now. It is so awesome pawsome.

Mommy has been making some new cards for our etsy store should be showing up this week sometime. Some are really funny and the patriotic was is pretty cool, too. Mommy joined another team on etsy. The human that does my favorite treats is involved with it. Apparently, she sales team sample boxes at the PetsJubilee Team Store. So if you love pet items and want to sample some of the best stores for pet lovers on Etsy check out the

Treasury update. We got a brand new treasury today devoted to pets called PET ME! It could use a few views and clicks if you have time. Well take care all.

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Brian said...

Those dogs are just soooo cute :)