Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snowmegeton- The Melt Down Begins

Sasha here folks.

Sorry that I haven't posted in a few days. It has just been crazy here with snow removal. As a doxie, there is only so much that I can do. I pee and poo on the snow, and pounce the edges of my potty path to break the snow down more. I try you know. Well, the snow has been continuing until today, and now it is beginning to melt big time. Woohoo I thought. Then, the window started peeing. (leaking in human terms) I was over there trying to lick it up so Mommy didn't think it was me peeing down the wall and on the floor. Us doxies get blamed for that kind of stuff you know. But, mommy was right there, and she didn't blame me. Whew. She ran to get some dish towels. But, that didn't work for long. So with some fancy thinking involving a paper plate, towel, packing wrap, something called a super absorbent overnight maxie pad, and lots of tape the window was patched for the night. Or at least we hope so.

Well, on to etsy news. Mommy got a treasury in between the chaos. It is available for views for a couple days. We have all the members of our hopefully future doxie team and a few others featured in this one. Minus mommy and me of course. It is all about dachshunds, and again my dream is to get dachshunds on the front page of etsy. Wieners deserve front page honors right? We are short, long, and very cute. OK, here is the treasury link. Please, with kibble on top, help this dachshund make a dream come true by clicking and viewing all the dachshund items.

Thank you, Sasha.