Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Chihuahua Cousin came for visit!

Sasha the friendly dachshund here folks.

Today was a busy day. Mommy was working on some window clings and should be posting the later on her etsy store. She got another treasury west tonight just by luck. She made this one a Dachshund Team Treasury. Featuring five team members and some other doxie friends. Hopefully, we will get more team members soon so we can make the whole treasury full of Dachshund Team peeps.

Then, my chihuahua cousin came over and she don't like me at all. She is around cats at her house so I thinks she doesn't know she is a dog. What ever you do don't sniff her butt. She growled at me for that, and if you humans could only understand those words. Lets just say they weren't nice. I have pics that I am showing you of how she hid behind her mommy and her growling at me when I sniffed her butt.

Take care all, and remember to click on our Dachshund Team Treasury Link to see lots of cute dachshund items in Etsy stores for sale.

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