Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Surprise That Came In The Mail Today

Hello All,

Sasha here as usual. The patch job on the peeing window held. Woohoo. No peeing from it today. Mommy was relieved. The snow is melting big time, and we have many piles of mushy poo on our potty path. I even managed to venture away from the potty path a little. Until it got too deep.

Then, Mommy went to check the mail. She brought in a very familiar square box. My favorite Treats again. Woohoo! I jumped, turned, and jumped some more. She couldn't open it fast enough. It was more treats from my favorite etsy shop Mommy accused me of ordering them when she wasn't watching me. Just because, I am computer literate, I get blamed. Well, it turns out that Shari and her beagle Velvet sent them to me and Charlie. Well, I wagged my tail even more and begged for more treats. This is one of the best days ever. Mommy got a cute postcard with a picture of me, too. So Shari and Velvet thank you for sharing your delicious treats even if they are very addicting, and I will be dreaming of breakfast bites and cookies all night long. They will be yummy dreams. Mommy says thank you, as well. I am including some pictures of me really getting into the treats. Mommy tried to get pictures of Charlie, too. But, he ate his too quickly. Oh, well. Night all. Your Friendly Dachshund Sasha.


Giftbearer said...

I love those close-up kinds of headshots! Very cute! I especially like the one where she's looking up at you.

Anonymous said...

your doggy is gorgeus ;0)