Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Play date at Frito's house!.

Sasha here,

I had a play date at Frito's house and a trip to the post office today. Frito is one of my dachshund neighbor's and he has three doxie siblings (Zuke, Peewee (is Frito's bio mom actually), and Gypsy) so I really get to bond with my fellow wiener dogs while I am there. There was the minor issue of a pee spot on the carpet, but I ain't confessing. I just ran when the carpet cleaner comes out just in case I get blamed. Our Mommies didn't see who did it. And, mommy told me it better not have been me on the way back home. She felt bad that it happened already, and if it was me than she would be very embarrassed. Well, the morning play date continued with zoomies, and pets, and sunning time by the big window, and nap time in mommy's lap. Oh, it was a great morning. Now, these are the days we wiener dogs live for. Thank you Miss Suz and the red wagon wieners for such a great play date. I am including pics of my visit. Off to rest up from my busy day. Sasha.

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