Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Boring day for me!

Sasha here.

Mommy has been on the computer most of the day. She has been helping make a banner for Miss Suz and trying to get another treasury. She got one all about wieners again. We sure could use some clicks on all the lovely dachshund items. It is called FOR THE LOVE OF.... We got it for about three days.

It has been a day of squeaky toys and wrestling with my big brother Charlie. I will post more pictures of me just in case my fans were going through Sasha Pic withdrawl.

During my day, I was thinking the question that I will never understand about humans. Why do they have to get wet everyday on purpose? I mean we dogs like them smelly so why get that yucky soap smell all over them. I know you k9 bloggers out there agree the smell of wet human is not very pleasant. So why do they do it? Oh, well, the mysteries we dogs will never figure out. Bark at you all later, Sasha.

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Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

If you ever figure out why they go into the inside rain maker, let us know. It is all so confusing. We usually lick Mom to get that smell of off her. Doesn't she know that she can be tracked easier if she keeps that strong odor on her? Rolling is poop is very effective but she won't do it.