Friday, January 9, 2009

Puppy Love!

Hi all,

Sasha, the sassy dachshund, here again. My day has been pretty good. Looking at the snow melt. Venturing off my potty path more and more, and it wasn't that cold today. I got a little play time outside without being miserable. I chased my big brother Charlie in the snow, and saw my arch enemy, the squirrel. He was looking for his nuts, but we chased him right out of our yard and fast.

Mommy got another treasury, and it is all about Puppy Love. You got to check it out. I think it might be the best one yet and very popular for the first few hours at least. Here is a link to Puppy Love Treasury. The other thing is mommy signed up for this thing that lets her track stats on her etsy store. She thinks it is so neat to see how many people are finding their way to our little doxie shop. I kind of think it is rather boring. No bobos, no squeaky toys, not even cute little doxie faces to look at. I usually pretend I am sleeping when she is checking it out. Well, off to dream of good eats and chasing squirrels with my main doxie man Oscar. He is my Puppy Love by the way. Till we chat again, Sasha.


designsbyone said...

what a cute treasury! so precious :)

beautifulpirate said...

Wonderful blog. Sasha is so cute! I have a chocolate mini named Barbosa! said...

I love all dogs really, but I have to admit weinie dogs have their own sweet uniqueness about them. I have a shitzu...can I spell this? Not sure. Anyways..I love my doggie very very much. Nice blog by the way!