Monday, January 26, 2009

Dachshund Team chat today!

Hi all,

Sasha here. We are having our first Etsy Dachshund Team chat at 4:oo pacific time and 7 pm eastern time. I am so excited. I wonder if other wiener dogs will be in attendance. I sure hope my prince Oscar makes it. Mommy says the humans have a lot to talk about so us doxies might not get much chatting done, but we can hope can't we.

Mommy also got two treasuries one in main treasury and one in treasury west last night. The treasury west opened first so we made that the wiener dog one this time called Love Ya Longer! The main treasury opened about 45 minutes after that one and so mommy did a doggy themed one called I Woof You! We could use clicks and views on both, but we know that the chances are slim to none on getting on the front page. I personally don't get how bunnies and squirrels have more PR agents than us cute little wiener dogs. Oh, well. we know the artists in the treasuries would love some views.

I am posting more cute pics of me in the sunshine. Mommy thinks that I am such a diva, but really when you got the cuteness you have to flaunt it. heehee