Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Dog's Thoughts on the New President!

Sasha here,

Today was pretty special for the humans in America. With a new president and all the hopes for a better tomorrow and all. However from a dog's point of view, I wonder a few things. One this Alfa male is now in charge of a whole country. How is he ever going to mark all that turf. I mean my brother Charlie and I do our best just to mark our back yard in a day's work, but there are billions of backyards out there. He better start drinking a lot of water. I just don't see it. Second, the promise of a dog when they move to the white house. I know it is his first day and all, but I saw no dog getting a happy home today. He better deliver on that one for sure. We dogs can be powerful promoters in the next election. Third, I have scene many humans in my almost two years of life promise treats for doing a few tricks. Is this what we are in for, or is it a major upgrade on the kibble food scale coming.

Well, I know this country is in some major trouble, and I wish this new guy a lot of luck. And I am willing to dig in and lend a paw any way that I can. Heck I can mark my own turf twice a day if that is what it takes. Mommy you might have to refill the water bowl more often.

Well, Mommy and me made a treasury west today in honor of our new president with the simple title Obama's Dog? These may be a few special doggy related accessories the first dog and family may need upon arriving at the white house. Well, off to bed. I gots a play date tomorrow. Woohoo!

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