Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hi all,

Happy New Year from the dachshund to you! Sasha here as usual. I think this might be a good day to go over my new years revolutions! What? OK, so it is not a revolutions mommy says. I guess I will have to take off the taking over the world goal from my list then. Well, here is my list of the top ten things I want to accomplish next year. 1. Work on mastering my dachshund mind control techniques. 2. Get more treats. 3. Get more bobos. 4. Get more pets. 5. Take my human for a walk more. 6. Get another furmotion in our etsy store to co-owner instead of vp of publick relations. My tongue gets worn out quick from kissing so much. 7. Spend less time in the crate. 8. De-stuff more toys. 9. Finally, pull off the garbage can tip over without getting caught. 10. Take over the world. Opps. I was suppose to cross that one off. Oh, well, Mommy says that they never happen anyways and peoples just make them as part of tradition. Silly, humans.

Lastly, Mommy is still stuck with the wallpaper wienies. I think she is planning on moving on here soon, but you never know. I think she likes the smell of that stinky glue. Well, her latest is very cute, and if no one buys it I might have to send it off to my prince charming Oscar. Well, I am attaching a picture of me and one of Mommy's new card. Take care and Mommy and me are wishing you all the very best this year. Sasha.


NessaMonster said...

Hay Sasha!
My Dachshunds name is Daisy!
She's a princess in my eyes.
Have a Happy 2009!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said... are so cute :) Hope all your goals come to reality in 2009...and your mommy's too!

designsbyone said...

Sasha is SUCH a cutie!!!

Anonymous said...

Our dog is Frank for Frankfurt the sausage