Monday, January 19, 2009

The Mess in the Bed at 2 am!

Sasha here.

Yes, I admit it. I threw up in the bed this morning. Mommy was not happy with completely making a new bed at 2 am, and I was very sorry. And my mommy knew that. She gave me loves and some bites of bread to help my tummy feel better, and it did. I was fine by breakfast.

So in between washing sheets, blankets, bed spread, covers, etc. Mommy got another treasury. Woohoo! This one is very different and designed to help all the human guys out there not have to share the crate with us dogs on Valentine's day. It is called What A Girl Wants? Hint, you ladies out there ought to send a link of this to all your guys. My crate ain't big enough for a daddy in there, too. She also, managed to post her paw print gift tags/mini bookmarks today. They are made from recycled materials of wall paper and old business cards.

Well, that is about it. I will post a picture of the paw print gift tag and see if I can find a cute one of me for getting your Sasha fix. Night all.

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