Saturday, January 3, 2009

After holiday doggy downs!

Sasha here.

I have been feeling a little down yesterday. Mommy was busy removing more snow so not much play time with the little wiener. Then, my Christmas treats were all gone. Santa Paws sent them from my favorite Etsy treat store CiaoHound.etsy. Now they are all gone. Mommy made me share them with Charlie, my big brother. I would still have more if I didn't have to share. But, on the other paw, he does share with me his favorite toys and blanket. Then, we haven't had any sales on Etsy in quite awhile. Mommy says she figures it will be slow because the Christmas rush is over, but really a little wiener dog gets bored with no customers to meet,greet, and lick.

Well, the only good news is Mommy has time to work on her Dachshund Etsy team. They are going to be called Dachshund Team. She has a banner she made yesterday, and for now this may be the go to blog for the team. We are kind of excited. The biggest step next is getting Etsy's paw stamp of approval so we are official. Then, mommy says we will have to work even harder to get new members and keep the team going. Well, a bored little wiener like me is really ready for that kind of challenge. Woof, bring it on!

Take care folks. Putting a pic of me and our hopefully new team banner up today. Paws crossed here folks for a dachshund Etsy team in the future.


Linda said...

Hi Sasha, Love your Blog, I've added you to my favorite blog List,we dogs have got to stick together. Poppyx

Giftbearer said...

How cute!